Holistic Health for you Pet

As guardians of our animals it is our responsibility to provide the best of care to promote and maintain our pet’s health. True health is not only the absence of disease but also the vitality and essence in which they live their daily lives. Shiny haircoats, healthy teeth and gums, bright eyes, boundless energy and love for their people are all good indications of animal health!

At some point in their lives our pets will need some form of veterinary care. Two primary models of health care exist for our pets – conventional veterinary medicine and holistic veterinary medicine. The primary approach in conventional veterinary medicine is to oppose the disease conditions of the patient by treating the symptoms with various medications. The patient is evaluated by organ system and tissue, assigned a diagnosis based on findings, then treated with various medications. In this approach it is often the diagnosis that is treated, not the patient. The conventional veterinary medical approach is often necessary for emergency-type situations such as trauma, severe allergic reactions and other acute-onset medical conditions.

In the holistic veterinary approach the individual animal is evaluated based not only on the disease process but the constitutional makeup of the animal: temperament and personality traits, physical environment, activity level, and stressors in life. These factors are taken into consideration when establishing the diagnosis and developing a natural treatment plan. The aim is to improve the overall health status so that not only are the current symptoms addressed but the patient is left healthier and more resilient to other forms of future illness. If maladies are truly cured early in life, the patient will grow old gracefully and without the common degenerations we have come to call “normal” aging processes. Many patients seek out holistic veterinarians when they are not seeing the desired results from conventional veterinary treatment or their animals are not tolerating conventional medical drugs.

In order to cure disease holistic veterinarians utilize a natural approach. They will often incorporate glandular therapy, acupuncture and herbal therapy, nutraceutical therapy, homeopathic therapy, chiropractic and rehabilitation therapy. Holistic veterinarians also use nutrition therapy which emphasizes a varied diet of species appropriate fresh and raw foods. The holistic remedies are all very safe with few side effects and when used properly they restore and maintain excellent patient health. Holistic pet care is a natural healthy choice for our pets!

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