Important Tips for Cat Owners

The Ohio State University has done a large study on the needs of indoor cats. They have created a list of the ideal things that all cats might like in a house. Your cat might not need all of these things but they will make your house more cat friendly.

One very important thing for cat owners to remember is that cats DO NOT respond to force of any kind and they do respond to praise. Punishment of cats will cause them to be afraid of you for a long time. If your cat is doing something wrong, you are better to create a distraction that will divert the cat’s attention away from the behaviour.All cats need a space to call their own. In this space should be food, water, a litter box, a bed, a scratching post, a window and some toys. The food and water should be fresh and the litter scooped daily. If you train your cat to use a scratching post, she will not use the rest of the house. Praise her when she uses the scratching post.

Cats love to look out of windows and be a various heights. If you create a play gym for the cat, you will be amazed at how well it will be used.

If you have to change anything in a cat’s environment be sure to give the cat a choice. If using a new food, put some next to the old and gradually change it.

Be sure to see your veterinarian regularly. In addition to providing preventative health care through regular check-ups, he or she can help you detect problems early before they become problems.

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