Announcing This Month’s Contest Winners!

on December 16, 2009
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Oh, happy happy happy day! Today is the day you and your humans have all been waiting for: the post to announce the winners of our Testimonial Draw! I’m yapping it up in thanks for your te-ruff-ic testimonials! Thank dogness we didn’t have to choose Best Testimonial, as they were all so amazing. Instead, each of your entries went into a draw box, wherein I’ve had my hot little paws all morning.

Behold the paw-drawn contest winners!

Congratulations to:

1st Prize Winner – $250 PetWellbeing Gift Certificate and Water Fountain:
Grover and his mom Connie Loper, from Craley, PA

2nd Prize Winners – $125 PetWellbeing Gift Certificate and Water Fountain:
Elliot and his mom Melissa Burris, from Greensboro, NC
Benjamin Michael and his mom Cheryl Tubisz, from Depew, NY3rd Prize Winners – Water Fountain/Pet Food/Replacement Product:
Mr. Beaglie and his mom Melanny Michael, from Farmersville, OH
Dickens and his mom Sharon, from Edmonton, AB
Fox and his mom Vivian Goldberg, from Orlando, FL
Smokey and his mom Donna, from Pembroke Pines, FL
Fifi and her mom Judy Leska, from Jacob’s Creek, PA

Crystal and her mom Shari Akers, from Lakewood, CO

Biscuit and Charlie and their mom Peggy Barnes, from Alexandria, KY

Buster and his mom Sandra Sovinski, from New Smyrna Beach, FL (Hey Pal, nice name)
Tara and her mom Nancy Ball, from Independence KYDon’t see you and your human’s name today? Each month I post one of your inspiring stories, so have your human send me one! If I post it, you get treats. Who doesn’t love that?

Stay cool, stay healthy, stay happy, Buster

*All winners above have been notified by email, so send me bark if you haven’t received confirmation of your win!

Photo Credit: russellbernice

Photo Credit: kiwiwings

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