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on March 16, 2010
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My tail gets a wagging every time I read a heart warming story from one of youz. And as you know, I pick one fantastic tail to post, each month!

This month’s testimonial winner hails from Reston, Virginia and has a ruffing heart-warming story to share! John and his dog Molly look to have some healthy, happy year ahead of them, thanks to a good ol’ dose of Milk Thistle:

“My beautiful girl, Molly, had always had high liver values. We tried dozens of things to get her better. She was diagnosed with thyroid problems and went on daily medication.

Last spring (2009), she stopped eating and became very lethargic. Her thyroid readings collapsed and the vet upped her dosage. In the space of 5 months, she lost 28 pounds!

She had developed spots on her skin where it turned black and the hair fell out. I was frantic and the vet could not figure it out.

I found your site and took a chance on the milk thistle. Following your instructions, I saw her start to slowly recover.

She’s got progressively better over a period of weeks. The vet was amazed and we have since backed her thyroid medication way down.

She just turned nine years old and is like a puppy again. Her coat is beautiful, she eats, plays and even runs again! We just had the blizzard here in Virginia and she romped in the snow for hours.

I have recommended this product to friends and even my vet is now checking it out for possible use in her treatments. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

My little girl is happy and healthy again!”

John and Molly, I am thrilled for you! Isn’t it amazing what a little herbal magic can do? And your vet would be so wise to incorporate it into their practice – good for them for thinking about it!

John, check your inbox for your winner’s coupon – you’re going shopping!

Love, Buster

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