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on February 19, 2010
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YapYapYap! I’ve read the most incredible testimonials this month, but this one made me put my paw to my heart in gratitude. Thanks to some herbal-lovin’, a kitty’s life was saved! Congratulations Lisa the Naturalist, from Madison, Tennessee – you’ve won this month’s testimonial of the month! Look for your prize in your email inbox! Here’s what Lisa has to bark:

“My kitty was slowly starving to death.

My kitty is 15 yrs. old. About 5 years ago she started losing weight. She was diagnosed with feline hyperthyroid disorder. Her weight dropped from 9 lbs. to less than 5-1/2 lbs. with most of that loss in the past 2 years. The vet wanted to put her on thyroid medication that had horrible side effects, or cut out part of her thyroid, or give her radioactive iodine. At her age, all of those options scared me. I refused, and have been treating her with supplements. The weight loss slowed drastically but still did not stop.

The situation became critical during the holidays. Her bones were prominent, her appetite was gone, and she felt like a feather when I picked her up. She was starving to death right before my eyes, and I couldn’t figure out what to do.

A few weeks ago I was searching again on the internet and I came across testimonials for Resthyro. What these people had to say sounded like hype and was just too good to be true, so I went on with my search. However, the more I looked the more references and testimonials I found for this product.

I finally decided that God must be trying to tell me something, so I ordered a bottle not really expecting much. I began giving her the drops on January 8. After only a few days her appetite improved. I waited 2 weeks and weighed her on January 24. You can’t imagine my shock to find that she had gained 6.75 ounces. I just sat down and cried. I weighed her again on Jan. 30 and she has gained another 2 ounces. I believe that we have turned the corner, and that given time she will recover completely.

I can’t thank you enough for providing this product. It is easy to use, has no side effects, but more importantly, it works fast. I would recommend this product to anyone who has a cat with hyperthyroid disorder. You have a customer for life. Thank you again for saving my kitty.

Lisa and kitty, many more warm, healthy, best wishes to you! Keep us on the update!

Love, Buster

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