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Happy Birthday, Pisces!

on March 2, 2010
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Here fishy, fishy, fish! Slithery pal, you are one fine catch. You`re, er, almost all the things I love in a friend: understanding, romantic, sensitive, and trustworthy. And I love daydreaming with you! You`re the one who loves to float, gazing at the clouds while letting those creative juices flow.

But when it comes to rolling with the pack, you tend to flit away – you can`t stand getting down and dirty! Cleanliness, according to you, is next to Dawginess, so Dog forbid you get a little grubby. You`re highly conscious of where your money current flows, too – so picking personal products that pull triple duty, like a soap/shampoo/insect repellent, pleases you pink (and keeps you silky clean).

And of course, dear water-lover, if I can suggest that you adopt one habit this year, it`s to only drink crystal clear water. No more sipping out of the toilet bowl! Oh no, a fresh, clean flow available 24/7 is exactly what you need.

Just keep swimming, pal.

Happy Birthday!

Love, Buster

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