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Happy Birthday Scorpio!

on November 3, 2009
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A little obsessive compulsiveness never hurt anyone: i.e. I am obsessed with my new doggie Kong (paws down the best chew toy ever), i.e. my feline friend Sheba compulsively hunts for critters on her owners’ farm (she loves it, they love it, love all around)…

We furry family members are simple and instinctive.

Big breath, read fast: you, Scorpio, tend to find yourself clawing at anything softer than cement or spinning at 75 mph while yapping unstoppably, and this, well, this kind of compulsive/obsessive behavior is, really, not your best side – even though it is rather passionate and exciting (2 qualities from your better side).

And while you’re at it, you tend to bury your feelings like a bone, causing you to withdraw and isolate. Talk about a moody creature!

Don’t stress, you intense thing you – for this birthday give yourself, and your owner (and the furniture) a break with Lesstress for Cat or Dog. It’s the perfect treatment for both hyperactive/hypermoody Stressor and Stressee! Chill out dear Scorp, and let your powerful magnetism shine through – you’ll be sitting in your fave human’s luxurious lap just in time to enjoy your special day.

Your pal, Busterвремя китайwhat part

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