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World Rabies Day 2009

on September 24, 2009
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World Rabies Day 2009 is about helping the world wipe out Rabies and will be held on 28 September 28, 2009. This event has been created to help publicize the dangers of rabies and to raise a new awareness of this devastating disease. Although there are now fewer recorded cases of rabies occurring in the US and other major countries this animal borne disease continues to be a deadly problem for tens of thousands of people in Asia and Africa.

There are interventions and treatments that can be used to prevent and eliminate rabies in both animals and humans. With these tools and technologies available there should be no reason why so many individuals are continuing to suffer the effects of this controllable disease. Many of the present day rabies cases are taking place in countries where there are many other problems and diseases, but those issues should not mean that rabies has to be pushed to the back of the line.

If medical care is given promptly there is no reason that this 100% preventable disease should pose a problem. Still the statistics show that nearly 60,000 individuals are dying every year because of rabies.

How Rabies Is Carried

This disease is carried by bats, raccoons and other wild animals; but it is dogs that are responsible for most human rabies cases. World Rabies Day 2009 wants to let everyone know that this disease can be stopped but first the public has to become educated about what they need to do.

Young children are the most common victims of rabid dog bites. As a result they are the population group most at risk for developing rabies. Proper education of the public, widespread vaccinations for animals and appropriate medical treatment is a three pronged plan that can be used to deal with rabies in every country throughout the world.

The Alliance For Rabies Control

Three short years ago researchers, medical workers and volunteers created the Alliance for Rabies Control. This group was formed as a global organization and the mission was the prevention and eradication of this disease. As the organization grew in numbers and strength they began working to establish an annual World Rabies Day. The very first event took place in 2007 on September 8.

At this time there were several hundred thousand participants from more than 80 countries, which far exceeded the group’s expectations. This was a positive response from the public and it brought much needed attention and publicity to both rabies and the Alliance for Rabies Control.

How You Can Help

World Rabies Day 2009 is a worldwide campaign that is dedicated to telling everyone about the prevention of rabies. In communities across the country, and around the globe, people are taking action to further the understanding and education concerning this disease. You can be part of the solution by participating in a World Rabies Day event, volunteering, or helping the Alliance for Rabies Control with their fund raising efforts.

Here are some simple ways that you can help defeat rabies and change the world for the better.

* Make certain to vaccinate your dogs and cats against rabies. What better time to do this than on World Rabies Day 2009? Many vets are participating in this latest campaign. There are also going to be mobile medical vans traveling to communities and offering affordable and convenient rabies vaccinations.

* Help spread the word with your Facebook account, Twitter Tweets and emails.

* Purchase products that support World Rabies Day 2009 events or donate money to fight against rabies. If you are able to donate even a small amount it will help prevent someone from contracting this disease.

* Become a volunteer and help organize a World Rabies Day 2009 event in your local area. It still is not too late to get some information and put a plan into action. If you want to find out how you can become involved just talk with a veterinarian, your Health Department or your local ASPCA. Health Departments are even supplying “toolkits” to volunteers that can help them organize activities at the grass roots level.

This year there are more World Rabies Day 2009 events taking place than in any previous year; and this means that more people are learning how they can help prevent rabies. There will be biking, running and walking events for people to participate in. There are also live fundraising concerts, free handouts of educational materials, bake sales, street fairs and sales of posters and t-shirts. The desire and momentum are greater than ever and with your help World Rabies Day 2009 could be the turning point in the global crusade to control and prevent rabies in every country throughout the world.

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