Yipee, N. Algozine! You’ve Won Testimonial of the Month!

on January 13, 2010
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Dear, dear, Petlovers,

On behalf of my fellow beasts, we loveslovesloves you! We love that you care for us and feed us, and help us stay happy. We know you loves us, too.You tell us all the time.

This month I’d like to extend my paw to N. Algozine, who tells us how much she loves her kitties, how her kitties have prospered, and will live longer!Congratulations N. Algozine, to thank you for your winning testimonial you’ll be receiving your coupon from me in the (e)mail!N. Algozine writes:
“… Tara was diagnosed with Hypertrophic Cardiomopathy (HCM) back in June of this year. All of a sudden we noticed she was getting thin and she was “hiding” on the other side of the house, not wanting to do anything. She didn’t even want to run around the house with her brother, which is her favorite thing to do. We thought she had a fever or cold. She was SO sad and lethargic. We took her to the vet and they put her on antibiotics, figuring it was a fever or cold. They told us to come back in a few days if she didn’t get better.

Well, we took her back and they did more tests and took an X-ray and saw that her heart walls were thickened and she had water around her heart. They said she has HCM. My husband and I were so upset. The vet said that she would probably only live a couple of more years. She is on 3 medications – Benazepril, Atenolol,and Furosemide.

My husband was looking on the internet for additional things that might help Tara and found your product, Hearty Heart. We immediately purchased 2 bottles and started giving it to her daily, in her food. After a while we started to see our Tara up to her old tricks – running around with her brother and out in the screen room “hunting” for lizards.

We just took her back for a check-up earlier this month and got an excellent report. Her breathing is great and the water around her heart has lessened. Tara is back to her normal self, and I believe that the Healthy Heart has helped Tara’s overall health and heart disease. I will continue to give her the Healthy Heart indefinitely. Attached is a picture of Tara and her brother. Tara is on the right.”

Well bitches, not only do we love to hear your amazing stories, we love to keep helping you! An online Gift Certificate goes to the winning testimonial every month, so you can keep providing the best ruffing stuff to your pets. Send your testimonials my way! Email them to me at happy cat

Bow-wow, Buster

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