Your Pet May Predict Your Death!

on January 14, 2010
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Ever wondered when or how you were going to die?
Your live-in pet may know.
When I was little (er), my human Sage and I were in Los Angeles visiting family when all of a sudden I started whooping it up. The urge to yelp came from deep inside me – I couldn`t control it! I felt as though something were wrong, terribly wrongwrongwrongwrongwrong! I had to go outsideoutsideoutside! Wouldn`t you know it, a short while later we had an earthquake. I had been feeling the Earth move, before my humans did. I had smelled it.
For years as long as dog`s ears, humans have told about animals sensing death and natural disasters before they happen.
It has been yapped that after the Asian Tsunami in January of 2004, few dead animals were found – they had moved to higher ground just before it hit. In July 2007, the New England Journal of Medicine profiled the now famous Oscar the Cat, who predicted deaths of patients in nursing homes by sitting with them in their beds, hours before they passed. According to the BBC, we canines are now being trained to sniff out diabetes in our handlers, after it was proven that we can sniff out certain cancer cells, illegal drugs and explosives. I even heard a bark about a dog who kept alerting its human to a cancerous freckle, and a woman who says her pet-pal warns her that she`s going to have a seizure 40 minutes before it happens.
It`s believed by scientists that with our super-human (pardon the pun) smell, we pets can identify dangerous substances in the air long before humans. It is said that humans once possessed this most amazing ability, but through evolution and revolution you have lost it. Let me tell you, people, I would work on bringing it back to speed. It`s a gift I think we should all have.
The next time your fuzzy friend comes to nuzzle you a little too much – like say, in the same area over and over again – consider it a good idea to head to the docs for a check-up.
Either that or take a bath.
Smell you later, Buster

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