Your Right To Alternative Pet Health Care – What Bill Keeps The Bills Down?

on November 25, 2009
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This just in: my British Columbia, Canada buds have been yapping up a storm recently. Why? Their current veterinary legislation is up for review, and hints at making changes that may further limit a human’s ability to find alternative health care for their pet.

Right now across Canada, humans need a referral from a conventional vet to seek a naturopathic/homeopathic vet for pet. Not only that, but a human has to pay extra for a conventional vet to supervise their chosen natural vet – an expense that can really add up! For humans who can’t afford the extra charge, they can find a conventional vet with homeopathic, chiropractic or acupuncture training – something that they can be “qualified” to practice within a few weekends. Are you pulling my tail? My human Sage’s natural doctor took years of schooling to be “qualified” to practice. How come my Canadian brothers and sisters are getting the short end of the stick (which, by the way, no doggie ever likes)? As if paying a human arm and a leg for pet care weren’t expensive enough as it is.

I’m a lucky dog. When my human Sage has to take me to our vet – and with all the homeopathic and natural prevention she uses, it’s only really for check-ups – she does invest a lot (thank you, Sage. I bow to your doggie devotion). But at least here in California, my human can choose whatever kind of health care she wants.

What about you and your human? Do you know your state laws? We live in a free country, and should have the right to make recession-proof choices as much as pawssible. Check your state laws out here:

Pals, Know Your Rights!


American Vet Legislation
American Holistic Vet Legislation

And while you’re at it, spread a little puppy love with me for our norther neighbors:give them a paw by sharing this link:

Crazy Canadian Vet Laws

I stand by my commitment to love and protect you, my furry friends. And that means helping our humans stay educated, too!

Love, Buster

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