Now Hear This! Pet Ears And Infections

Do your ears hang low, can you wave them to and fro? Can you tie them in a knot, can you tie them in a bow? Of course not. That would hurt like heck and obviously we pets are not about causing ourselves undue pain.
Besides, our ears are particularly sensitive. Ask any pet: tug, pull or scratch us a little too hard and out come the fangs. We can’t help it.

Our ears are super vulnerable too, when it comes to certain ailments. Animal ears offer the perfect breeding ground for germs: warm, moist and rather protective. We get ear infections really easily!
Ear infections are important to notice and treat, right away. Infections can usually be one of a few things:
Bacterial: Pups and kitties with longer, fuzzier and/or floppier ears can have less airflow than small-eared pets – making them especially prone to this kind.
Symptoms: You could see discharge, redness, swelling and/or pain. If it looks like we’re shaking our heads “no” all day long, consider it a symptom (and not our complete defiance).
Fungal: Just like mushrooms, fungus loves to grow in warm, moist dark places. Again, the ears are prime real estate. Like humans, animals all have healthy, friendly yeast present in our bodies. But poor diets and unhealthy lifestyles can cause a yeast imbalance, making us prone to this sort of infection. Fungus can spread to the face and paws too, so early treatment is key.
Symptoms: Discharge, redness, swelling, scaling, dryness, oozing and intense itching.
Parasites: Tiny, micro bugs. They breed inside the ear canal, lowering immunity and making the infected pet more prone to bacteria or fungus. Mites are ruffing contagious, in fact if you live with more than one pet you all have to be treated together!
Symptoms: Lots of scratching, possible loss of balance and occasionally nausea or refusal to eat. Inside the ear will have a residue like coffee grounds.
Most vets love to prescribe antibiotics for the above infections. They work alright, by killing off practically everything – not just the bad stuff! Our healthy bacteria get the axe too, making our bodies even more vulnerable to another attack. As long as an infection is attended to pronto, natural herbal formulations can work just as well – and sometimes pull double duty, like ER Drops which can fight mites and fungus. And natural remedies help our own immune systems fight back, so we stay strong!
Common ear infections are most easily treated. But as I always bark: prevention is key! The best way to prevent ear infections from happening is by having your human clean your ears often. I clean once a week (my day is Sunday, Dog’s Day. Stinkiness is usually next to doginess, but when it comes to the ears: cleanliness. Dig?). A weekly ear cleaning with a pet pro-ear cleaning solution will help. And your human will be able to see into your ears, catching an infestation or infection before they get worse.
Finally, live well! A proper diet and healthy lifestyle will keep immune systems strong. What better way to prevent ailments?
We’re never itchy-scratchy for any reason. Leaving a symptomatic pet alone can lead to bigger problems including: inner ear infections (hOWl! Intense pain and discomfort!), and possible hearing loss (what the ruff did you say? I can’t hear a thing!). Immediate attention is crucial.
Hear that?
Thanks for listening, Buster

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