Freddie no longer has Canine Kidney Disease thanks to Kidney Support Gold!

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Canine Kidney Disease is common in pets, fortunately this customer story has a happy ending. Pet Wellbeing has a range of natural solutions for prevention as well as support for dogs living with disease.

“We adopted our beloved Freddie, a feisty male Maltese around Thanksgiving time. We had no idea that he came from a puppy mill. We had our share of health problems with him and surgery for patella subluxation when he was two years old.

About two years ago, when he was nine and a half, his tests revealed Freddie had kidney disease. We immediately switched him to a special diet. At the same time, after reading lots of articles on the Internet, we decided to start giving him Kidney Support Gold.

Freddie travels with us and spends about half of the year in Europe so while we were there and after giving him the gold supplement for about six months, we decided to re-test him and all his kidney tests were normal. We came back to the United States, and after another four months our vet tested Freddie’s kidney functions again. He confirmed that everything was normal. We will continue with his low protein diet and Kidney Support Gold, as we are sure that this helped him feel better. We hope to enjoy his wonderful company for many more years. Thank you for a great product!”

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Kidney Support Gold 

In canines, the kidneys are most likely to cause health problems as they age. Kidney problems are among the top causes of illness and death in older dogs. 

 Kidney Support Gold is comprised of scientifically researched extracts for supporting total kidney health. This unique formula is a gentle yet powerful combination of herbal ingredients, tested by our holistic veterinarians. The result is a formula that is excellent for aging dogs and is an essential part of your canine’s long term health regime for helping to maintain normal kidney function.

The effects of the herbs in Kidney Support Gold have been studied for their “tonic” actions. Tonic herbs are restorative, help maintain vitality, and provide nutrition to the body in a way that it can readily absorb.

Helps maintain:
  • Energy levels
  • Urination and thirst (hydration)
  • Appetite and weight
  • General vitality
  • Immune support
  • 90 Day money-back guarantee: Shop Now
    Kidney support for dogs


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Canine Kidney Support Gold is an all-natural product that promotes healthy kidney function in dogs.

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