Pet First Aid Kit

Everyone should have a first aid kit for their pets. You should have a kit that you can take with you on vacation and also one at home. Here is a list of what I would put in your pet first aid kit.

Keep these numbers at home on your fridge and a copy in your first aid kit

  • Local Veterinarian Number
  • Emergency Clinic Number
  • Numbers for the Animal Poison Control

Thermometer – Normal dog and cat temperature are 38.5 C or 101.5 F-rectal temps only no oral temperatures.
Lubricating jelly – For use with the thermometer.
Pediolyte – Electrolyte solution for dehydration.
Honey – To rub on gums in case of diabetic coma, or anorexia
Syringes – To force water or pediolyte
Hot Water Bottles – In case of hypothermia or shock
Bandages, Medical Tape ,Cotton Gauze squares Cotton Swabs for wounds
Bandage Scissors to cut gauze
Tweezers – To remove foreign bodies
Eyebright Solution – A homeopathic or herbal solution for eye issues
Hydrogen peroxide to clean cuts
Rubbing Alcohol to clean cuts
GoldenSeal or Calendula ointment for injuries
Rescue Remedy to calm your animal
Arnica for bruises and injuries – Give orally or topically
Kao-Pectate for diarrhea
Slippery Elm for diarrhea or constipation
Yunnan Baiyao – A chinese herb for bleeding, can be given topically or orally

Petwellbeing has some herbals which are good in a dog first aid kit. I would not use these for cats as they contain essential oils which can be toxic to cats.

Remember it is better to be safe than sorry–if you prepare for an emergency it probably will not happen, but you will be prepared.

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