Herbal antiparasitic formula to help rid intestinal parasites, Candida overgrowth, fungal infections. 1 oz.

Powerful natural antiparasitic and antifungal. Certified Organic herbs. 1 oz.

Natural antifungal and antiparasitic for intestinal parasites, yeast (Candida), athlete's foot. Organic herb. 1 oz.

Natural antiparasitic, digestive support. Organic herb. 1 oz.

Soothes skin and scalp inflammation and psoriasis; promotes healthy mouth and gums. Organic herb. 1 oz.

Natural antimicrobial and immune support for colds & flu, Candida, colds and flu. Wild Mediterranean, std 70% Carvacrol. 60 veg caps.

Natural antimicrobial action for sinus infections, colds & flu, Candida. 70% Carvacrol min. Wild Mediterranean. 1 oz.

Soothes toothache, helps eliminate parasites and Candida. Organic herb. 1 oz.

Supports cardiovascular and immune system health, and helps maintain intestinal flora balance. Organic herb. 90 veg caps. 500 mg.

Replenishes and rebalances healthy intestinal flora. Improves digestion, supports immune system. 100 veg caps.

Eases nausea and upset stomach; supports digestion and circulation. Organic herb. 500 mg. 90 veg caps.