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Keen Dog Food

A low-gluten diet made with turkey, oats, & vegetables

  • Created from fresh, all natural ingredients
    • Turkey is hormone and antibiotic free
    • Contains organic grains, seeds, vegetables and herbs
  • Re-hydrates easily with warm water
  • Suitable for adult maintenance, in gluten-sensitive pets.
  • One cup of Keen, mixed with water makes 1 lb of fresh dog food
  • Developed as a penny-conscious recipe for sensitive hounds who deserve good food

100% natural dehydrated food for dogs

Made from: Hormone-free Turkey, Organic Oats, Potatoes, Organic Flax, Carrots, Cabbage, Alfalfa, Organic Kelp, Apples, Honey and Garlic.


1 2lb Box $17.00

I just wanted to update you on our experience with the Keen formula. My pack has been supplemented with the Keen formula for about a week now. They are absolutely in HEAVEN and go totally nuts when I pick up the bowls for feeding time. Piper (our talkative Husky/ACD mix) feels she has to hurry me along by whining at the stairs where they sit during the preparation. This is something they have never previously done when I was feeding them the plain kibble. Takoda, our red ACD (the picky one of the bunch) would before look in his bowl and then look up at me like "Again Mom?" But now he will go through his repertoire of tricks to get me to set the bowl down. I can't fix their new food fast enough! They barely can sit still and wait patiently. :D - Carla and the ACD Pack: Takoda, Monty and Piper


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Keen is lower in cost than our other organic dog foods but we have not compromised our values. Keen is still a very high quality product that provides great low-gluten nutrition, at an affordable price.

Keen is guaranteed human grade. It's wholesome, balanced and free of artificial additives, by-products or fillers of any kind. Manufactured in San Diego, California, Keen is made in a human food production facility that undergoes regular FDA inspections.

Keen contains only the freshest ingredients, that once properly hydrated, retain their vitamin and mineral content. Keen is a high quality product that can be fed perfectly as a standalone meal or as a supplement to any raw or homemade diet for dogs. This wholesome raw dehydrated dog food is a special low gluten formula.

Is Keen dog food right for my dog?
This formula was created especially for adult dogs and dogs with gluten sensitivity and offers several advantages:

  • Low gluten content
  • A complete balance meal
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • The best in quality and freshness
  • A quick and simple meal to prepare
  • Excellent value at a reasonable price

Keen stores easily, mixes and hydrates efficiently thus making it a perfect dog food for any time or place. Not only will you love how easy this product is to deal with, but your dog will love the taste.

Isn't it time you offered Keen to your dog?

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Keen, although designed as a high quality low cost food, has not compromised in any way to the quality of the food used. It is still a standalone formula or can be used to supplement any homemade food diets that your pet currently enjoys. If raw dehydrated food is a different form of food than the one your beloved companion currently enjoys, then it is important to help your pet successfully make the switch to this new type of food.

If your pet is already on a raw food diet, then hydrate Keen and just mix the new food into the dog’s normal food. For other pets that are on commercial dry kibbles or canned dog foot, then it is better to take several days to a week to help them make the switch.

Start with mixing a little bit of hydrated Keen with the regular dry or canned food. On the next meal, add a little more. Keep doing this until you are feeding equal parts of both kinds of food. Then slowly increase the amount of Keen and decrease the amount of the commercial food. By making the transition slow, your dog's intestinal flora will adapt in a much better way and the dog will be able to digest food more easily. Once you are feeding straight Keen, then we suggests that you add up to a ½ cup of the dog's favorite meat, vegetable or fruit to the mixture.

Mixing Instructions
For each dry measured cup of Keen, mix 1 to 1 ½ cups of warm water. After stirring well, let sit for 5 - 10 minutes for the mixture to hydrate. It will resemble oatmeal or a stew when ready to serve. At this point, you can mix in your pet's favorite foods. Serve right away. If the dog doesn't finish the serving, be sure to pick up the remainder and refrigerate until the next meal. If there is any food remaining after 48 hours, discard.

Yield Guidelines
When mixed properly, the following yields should be seen:

1 cup (4 oz.) Makes about 1 lb of fresh food
16-17 cups (4 lbs) Makes about 16 to 17 lbs of fresh food
40-43 cups (10 lb box) Makes about 40 to 43 lbs of fresh food

Feeding Guidelines
Following the guidelines listed below, to determine the appropriate amount of this new dog food to optimize your dog’s diet. The following daily amounts can be adjusted to suit the variations of breed, age and level of activity as required for each dog. Also, the amount of additional food can be adjusted to accommodate a day that is ‘very active’ for the dog to maintain health and fitness levels. If the dog weighs -

Dog's Weight Less Active Very Active
Up to 10 lbs 1/2 Cup 1 Cup
Up to 30 lbs 1 Cup 2 Cups
Up to 50 lbs 2 Cups 4 Cups
Up to 70 lbs 2 1/4 Cups 4 1/2 Cups
Up to 90 lbs 2 3/4 Cups 5 1/2 Cups

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Cautionary Notes

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Keen is a special blend of many of the same great all natural foods as the other dog foods we sell but at a cheaper price. The lower cost does not mean a compromised product. All the meats used are hormone free. The fruits and vegetables used are still guaranteed to be non GMO (genetically modified organism). Keen is made of natural basic ingredients that offer great low gluten nutrition at an affordable cost. Like the other Honest Kitchen products, Keen is guaranteed to be the same human grade, wholesome and balanced meal without all the fillers, by-products, or artificial colors and additives.

The wholesome healthy ingredients in Keen are:

  • Garlic
  • Honey
  • Alfalfa
  • Apples
  • Carrots
  • Potatoes
  • Cabbage
  • Organic flax
  • Organic oats
  • Organic kelp
  • Hormone free USDA turkey
  • Vitamins & Minerals – Keen is also rich in the essential vitamins and minerals for optimum health. Included in Keen are tricalcium phosphate, choline chloride, zinc amino acid chelate, vitamin D3 supplement, vitamin E supplement, potassium chloride, iron amino acid chelate, copper amino acid chelate.

Note: These vitamins and minerals come from a 100% human food grade premix.

Nutritional Profile
The nutritional analysis based on Dry Matter is as follows:

  • Fat 14.5 % minimum
  • Fiber 4.5 % maximum
  • Moisture 8.2 % maximum
  • Caloriesapprox. 388 per cup

The other ingredients that make up the nutritional profile include essential amino acids, oils, vitamins and minerals. Keen is another great product made in the USA.

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1 2lb Box $17.00





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