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Taking Your Pet on the Road

on September 13, 2011
Posted in Behavior Management

Everybody loves a trip in the car! Roadtripping is fun especially when it’s to get away for the weekend, a vacation, or going to the local dog park. We like taking our pets with us. The fun starts as soon as we leave the driveway and hit the pavement. Unfortunately, many pet owners don’t think about buckling up their pet, even though they don’t think twice about buckling up themselves.

Pets our just as vulnerable to travel injuries as their people. Proper restraint is critical to protect our pets from injury – or even death – due to an accident on the road. There are many manufacturers of pet harnesses available and they are fairly cost effective. A harness is a safe way to restrain your pet. Another alternative is to keep your pet in a travel crate. The crate should be secured to the vehicle with safety straps or seat belts. Remember to buckle your pet then buckle yourself for safety!

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