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Perfect Diet for Cats with IBD

on February 6, 2016
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Most cats with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) need their food cooked as they are lacking digestive power.  Raw feeding does work for some of them though.  I would first try cooked and then go from there.

3 lbs of ground chicken or mackerel
4 oz Chicken Livers
1 cup cooked brown rice
1-1/2 cup of cooked pumpkin or sweet potato
6 oz mushrooms

Boil the meat, fry in a small amount of olive oil or alternatively use a crock pot for cooking.  If using a crock pot put in 1/2 cup of uncooked brown rice and 2 cut up sweet potatoes, and enough chicken broth to cover the meat–cook on low for 4-8 hours.

If boiling or frying cook the meat and the mushrooms together then add the pumpkin and previously cooked rice.

Once cooked place into a food processor and puree. To the puree add:

2 tablespoons of bonemeal or 5000 mg of calcium
2000 mg of Taurine or substitute a chewable Taurine tablet daily
400 IU of Vitamin E
10000 IU of Vitamin A
500 mg of Grizzly Salmon Oil
Light salt ( with potassium chloride) 1/2 tsp
B Vitamins- Multivitamin or Amino-B-Plex 1ml

A 10 pound cat should eat 6 to 8 ounces of this diet a day but adjust according to the size of the cat.

It may be easier to use something like Spark on the food and give the cat a Taurine pill daily. You will still need to add the Calcium however.  Do not neglect the Taurine as this is essential for the cat’s eye and cardiac health.  You can also top dress the food with 1 teaspoon of vegetables if the cat likes them but don’t start with this.

Substitutions: You may substitute oats, or barley for the rice. Beef can be substituted for chicken, turnip can be substituted for sweet potato.

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