Amazing liver disease recovery from down under

on September 8, 2017
Posted in Dog Liver Disease

Australia is famous for its wildlife, and the hazards that come with it. Chelsie, an Australian Silky Terrier, has quite a story to tell. She once had an unpleasant encounter with a snake, and after a great fight in intensive care with a temperature of 41.9 C, Luc, his dad, is lucky to still have her.

But the snake bite was not the worst of the 13 year-old dog’s hardships. Blood tests revealed that her liver enzymes were too high, and the vet suggested Chelsie take Milk Thistle to fight liver disease.

Three weeks later, Luc could not believe the results. Chelsie is sleeping less, eating more, and her coat is as shiny as she was in her youth.

“She is alert, playful, and is walking one hour a day which is really running with her short legs to keep up with me,”

dad says. Luc is convinced that Milk Thistle really made the difference.

It has acted as Lazarus in the canine world for our much loved little dog.”

Review received from Lucks from Queensland, Australia, June 10, 2013

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