Happy the Yorkie fights dog cancer

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Happy is the oldest of our four yorkie babies. He just turned 10 years old in June. Two years ago, on his birthday, our vet called us with devastating news. Happy was diagnosed with stomach and intestine cancer, and only had two weeks to live. My husband and I were stunned but decided not to give up.

I was aware of Pet Wellbeing’s great products and decided to order LIFE GOLD to help Happy fight cancer. I diligently gave my baby boy the treatment, morning and evening. After only three days, my beautiful Happy stopped vomiting, and his diarrhea got better. He also started gaining weight, which made me very happy as I had watched him lose two pounds in just one month before I began the LIFE GOLD treatment.

After four months, we took Happy to the vet to complete his vaccines and to do some dental work. The vet took blood tests at that time too. The next day, the vet called us at home, and told us amazing news: Happy was cancer-free. The vet could not believe it!

We were so happy and relieved. Two years later, Happy is still very much with us, and playing with our other yorkies, Honey, Tiny, Goldie, and our cat Lucky. Happy is now struggling with arthritis, but we recently put him on another great Pet Wellbeing product: Agile Joints.

I called Pet Wellbeing to let the staff know the great news, and I also wrote excellent reviews. We are so grateful to the staff and their amazing products that saved Happy’s life.

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