Cute little feline overcomes diarrhea with BM Tone-up Gold

Veterinarian Reviewed by Dr. Janice Huntingford, DVM on April 12, 2017
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Just before summer, this cat-loving family based in Boston decided to adopt a second shelter cat. They fell in love with an adorable small curled up ginger boy who was nothing but bones and no fur left. This adorable little man had a rough start, and went through a lot including the removal of all his teeth. When he arrived at his new home, he was vomiting and having diarrhea on a daily basis.

”It was heart-breaking to see how hungry he was and how he was struggling to hang in there,’ mom remembers. Even worse, mom fond out that he had Irritable Bowel Syndrome.”

Mom wanted to help and decided to look for a healthy and gentle alternative to the vet’s recommendations. Luckily she discovered Pet Wellbeing and read all the positive reviews about BM Tone-Up Gold.

“Let me tell you, it is worth every single penny,”

says mom. She gave her feline rescue friend five drops twice daily, and it took about a week until it made a difference in the kitty’s life. Now mom has reduced the dose to once a day, and she has watched the great transformation.

My cute little man transformed into one happy chappy felino,”

she says.

I cannot thank you enough for the quality of life you have given back to my little cute man.”

Review received from Fury Tale, Boston, Massachusetts, October 30, 2015
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