10-year old dog coughing instantly disappears with Throat Gold

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Sara thought for sure that she was going to lose her 10-year old yorkie, PJ. She had taken the dog to the vet because her four-legged friend had a hard time breathing and was constantly coughing. The vet did blood work, took an X-ray of his throat and organs, and everything looked good. The vet decided to put PJ on an antibiotic just to be sure.

After taking the antibiotic for two weeks, the poor yorkie was not feeling any better. When Sara called the vet and explained that the dog’s condition had not improved, the vet did not know what to do, and suggested to give him antibiotics for another two weeks. At this point PJ was no longer eating and slept all day.

Sara who lives in Rapid City, South Dakota, decided to do some online research and came across Pet Wellbeing’s Throat Gold. She immediately ordered it, and saw results instantly.

PJ immediately stopped coughing and making hard breathing noises”

,says Sara.

“He went right over to his food and ate. He is now playing with his toys and able to run outside without coughing or shortness of breath.”

Sara is so happy that her beloved PJ is now feeling much better. “Throat Gold saved PJ.”

Review received by Sara, Rapid City, South Dakota, March 12, 2016
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