Young male cat gets rid of diarrhea with BM Tone-up Gold Cat Diarrhea Support

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When this mom in Peoria, Illinois adopted her bouncy baby boy, he had a history of chronic diarrhea. The poor feline had already been adopted once before but the previous owner could not cope with the ongoing diarrhea issue and brought the cat back to the shelter. Mom was determined to figure out and fix her boy’s gut issues. The cat was only a year and three months old.

Armed with a background in biology and chemistry, she thought it would be a breeze.  She switched her baby boy to grain-free food, administered antibiotics and probiotics, but nothing worked. BM Tone-Up Gold Cat Diarrhea Support was her last resort.

When I saw the first formed stool, I thought it was too good to be true,”

mom says after she started giving the treatment to her baby boy.

“My boy went from a dozen wet diarrhea dumps in his box per day to one or two formed poopies a day.”

It was a challenge to administer BM Tone-Up Gold, as the fussy baby boy did not want to eat wet food. The dedicated mom had to give him the doses twice a day in the morning and the evening right out of the dropper. If she missed a dose, the feline would go back to watery poopies.

“It’s well worth every penny, and I will order more when the bottle nears empty,”

she says.

I am grateful beyond words that me and my Bouncing Baby Boy found this BM Tone-Up Gold. I don’t understand what it was about this product, but it worked better for my boy than I could have ever imagined!

Review received by Bouncing Baby Boy, Peoria, Illinois, September 28 and November 14, 2015
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