PWB’s Holistic Formula Makes List Of Best Dog Foods For Allergies!

Veterinarian Reviewed by Dr. Janice Huntingford, DVM on October 7, 2017
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Pet Wellbeing is honored to announce that our Premium Holistic Formula for Dogs and Puppies has been named one of the best dog foods for allergies by Pet Life Today.

What Are Dog Allergies To Food?

Foods account for approximately 10% of all allergies in dogs, who can be born with food allergies or develop them over time, even to items they’ve enjoyed for years. The most common food allergens include beef, dairy, wheat, egg, lamb, soy, pork, rabbit, and fish. An even more prevalent problem is food intolerance or sensitivity, which produces different symptoms than food allergies.

Food sensitivity triggers gastrointestinal responses such as diarrhea or vomiting whereas food allergies trigger the more traditional allergic response that might include itching, sneezing, chronic ear inflammation, or licking their feet. The good news is whether your dog has an allergy or sensitivity, the right diet can effectively prevent negative reactions to food.

A Dream Team Of Ingredients

Pet Life Today, an online source of information and advice for pet owners, published its list of the top 50 dog foods for allergies and sensitivities on October 3. The rave reviews for our Holistic Formula for Dogs and Puppies earned this grain-free product a spot among the rankings.

One of just five products on the list with a 5-star rating, our Holistic Formula for Dogs and Puppies can account for a dog’s entire meal plan, regardless of the dog’s life stage. It contains chicken, duck, turkey, peas, and garbanzo peas; resulting in an easily digestible, energy-rich meal that is so delicious it can even be fed as a “treat.” Skin irritation is alleviated by the formula’s Omega-3 fatty acids, which actually come from algae, a great source of two of the most universally beneficial fatty acids. The levels of protein and fat are based on what is ideal for most dogs, as is caloric density and concentration of calcium and phosphorus.

The Results Speak For Themselves

Completely absent from the formula are corn, soy, wheat, dye, by-products, hormones, artificial preservatives and antibiotics. The formula instead contains probiotics and probiotics, which support health digestion and gut balance, especially in puppies. Antibiotics are said to have the opposite effect and might make dogs more susceptible to developing allergies. Grain-free diets in general are less likely to trigger allergic reactions, as per reports from dog owners.

A glance at the reviews for our Holistic Formula for Dogs and Puppies shows the product’s amazing effect on dogs with food-related issues. One owner of a Golden Doodle with chronic allergies wrote that the product eliminated her dog’s skin irritation. “In the past when I switched my dog’s food brand they had some stomach problems,” wrote another dog owner, “but not with this one.”

We Guarantee Your Dog Will Love This Product!

If you are concerned about food allergies, the first step should always be to consult your vet before starting your dog on a new diet. Allergies can come from food as well as the environment but regardless of the cause, there are foods and supplements that can significantly diminish symptoms. Once your vet approves your dog for items like Pet Wellbeing’s Holistic Formula, you will most likely be able to put your fears of allergic reactions to hook upsподготовка перед

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