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Does my Cat have Diabetes

on March 25, 2015
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Good afternoon Dr.
Last year I took my cat name ghost to the vet to get some teeth pulled and some blood work. They informed me that his blood sugar was 300 but went on and took out his tooth anyway thinking that it might have been him being nervous. I took him back for a follow up and blood sugar was down. I took him Monday to get another tooth pulled and his sugar was over 400 and they would not do the procedure. I was informed that he may or may not be diabetic it might have been his nerves and they sent him home with diabetic cat food. When should I start insulin and is there any kind of food that I can cook him because he’s not eating this Purina DM that was prescribed by the doctor?


HI Shannon
It sounds like your cat is diabetic–never know stress to spike the blood sugar that high..he needs more tests to confirm the diagnosis and should go on insulin if he is. I would also use Blood Sugar Gold to help reduce the levels–it is not a substitute for insulin but works along with it. With some cats with proper diet and insulin and weight loss you can get the cat stabilized and then off insulin, maintaining with herbs and diet only.

I would try the M/D canned food as I have had good success with it in diabetics.

Royal Canin makes a diabetic care canned diet that is very palatable. If the cat does not like any of those you need to go with a good balanced homemade diet that can be formulated by a veterinary nutritionist because diabetics have special needs.

Hope that is helpful,
Dr Janペンダント ライト ダクト レールОпять дракон

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