Kidney Disease, Pancreatitis and Vomiting

on November 22, 2014
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Good morning Dr. Janice.
I hope you might be able to suggest something regarding my cat’s issue.

Alexander’s kidneys are in good shape but in early Stage 1 kidney disease per our vet (creatnine is 2. And BUN is 31 as of 8/15/2014. He had a recent bout of pancreatitis but after one night in the hospital with IV fluids etc and a continuation of sub q fluids at home for 10 days along with a tweaked diet of Prescription ID and Royal Canin Modified LP and (just because he likes it and it helped.him regain energy – two small (9ml) syringes twice a day of Gerber baby food (chicken flavored – no garlic content) – he appears healthy and happy. He has regular bowel movements and urine output. To try to keep him as healthy as possible I give him supplements (Renavast, Kidney Gold Support and RenaFood (human grade kidney function supplement).  His weight is 11-11.3 range. He just saw our vet this past Saturday and because he was doing so well – he didn’t feel blood work again would be necessary for another 3 months or so. He said he appeared well hydrated and he checked his teeth/gums and they were fairly pink (not too pale).

Lately (last 4-5 weeks) he has an occasional vomit – never good – just water. I even smell it and it still smells just like water (no foul scent, no hair balls). It happens 2 or 3 times a week now and it is ALWAYS immediately following fast big gulps of cold water) – he will do his morning water intake fairly long and faster than usual – no idea why. After he throws it up he just goes back and eats or continues to play with his string!  While this may sound strange – the water seeks to just spray back out – there is no heaving or convulsing as is typical when you see a kitty vomit – in other words – fairly a non-event.

When I told our vet this he said to just watch him and as long as it is just 2-3 times a week and it is JUST water – he would not suggest doing anything at this time (e.g. Scoping him) – which I feel would be way too invasive of a step at this time too.

But I worry that he throws the water up. He seems to replenish his intake by drinking more later (and usually slower) it is still worrisome that he throws it up in the first place. I wonder if he may have some kind of enzymatic enzyme deficiency?  I certainly am just guessing. Since he eats and keeps his food down and is maintaining his weight – I am at a loss as to what I can do for him.

I would so appreciate any input you may have. Our vet is a VCA doctor in Aurora, IL and he is educated and insightful. But I know, too, that unless the human parent pushes and stays diligent and vigilant about the well being of their fur baby – doctors can tend to become a little too relaxed and off guard.

I hope to hear from you soon.  Any insight and expertise would be so deeply appreciated.

Thank you.


Hi Juno
It sounds like you are trying to the best for your fur kid. The occasional vomiting could be due to underlying pancreatitis or even inflammatory bowel disease which is related to pancreatitis. Your vet could do a test called a feline PLi and then you would know about the pancreatitis. If he is vomiting only a bit I would not scope him. Some things that help cats with pancreatitis are Omega 3 fatty acids and Milk thistle. You can get these on the Pet Wellbeing site and they would be good for the kidneys as well. Hope that is helpful

Dr Jan

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