Kaci’s victory against dog kidney disease

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I had suspected that Kaci, my senior Jack Russell Terrier was experiencing dog kidney disease. She had decreased appetite and simply appeared to be going downhill, which I initially thought was due to her age.

Then I noticed her increased drinking and urination, and it seemed to get worse with each passing day. I started setting out a pee pad inside the house while I went to work part-time. I also kept one in the crate where she sleeps at night.

She never used the bathroom inside the house or in the crate when she was in her prime, but by the later part of 2015, she had started using the pee pad daily while I was at work as well as the one inside her crate overnight.

During the evening while we were watching TV, Kaci would ask to go outside at least a dozen times within a one-hour period. It seemed that as soon as she drank water, it would run right out of her. She would ask to go outside, come inside, and five minutes later ask to go out AGAIN. She was doing this every night. My husband thought she was senile and simply forgot that she had just been outside, so I started going out with her everytime she asked and I watched as she literally urinated every single time she asked to go even if it was only five minutes later. This new symptom seemed to happen very quickly with no advance notice.

While researching dog kidney disease, I came across this product a week before little Kaci’s 15th birthday in January 2016. I read all the reviews and decided I had nothing to lose and ordered her a bottle.

The following day, I made a vet appointment for blood work. My fears were confirmed and I was told by the vet that my baby girl had severe kidney failure. Her only options were dialysis, a kidney transplant (neither of which I can afford) and sub-Q fluids three to four times a week. The vet made it sound all very dire, and I prepared myself for the impending pain of saying goodbye to my little Kaci.

The dog kidney disease treatment arrived the day before Kaci’s 15th birthday. I immediately gave her the recommended dosage (since she is a very petite Jack Russell Terrier weighing only eight pounds in her senior years) of five drops twice a day. The product smells pleasant, like maple syrup….however, it tastes very bitter (to me). One of my other dogs LOVES the taste of it and begs for a taste. Kaci on the other hand hates the stuff, and I have to back her against my legs and tilt her head back to squirt the drops into her mouth. I usually do this right before I serve her morning and evening meals.

After the first day, her appetite seemed to get better. I don’t know if she is only eating to get rid of the horrible taste or what, but I’m just thrilled that she is eating better!

After the third day, she did NOT pee on the pee pad in the house while I was at my part-time job NOR did she pee in her crate overnight! That was the first time in a couple of months that she had not used the pee pads at all!

By the fourth day, I noticed that her drinking and the frequency of her asking to go out while we were watching TV in the evening had decreased! Once again, she was comfortably sleeping beside me for up to two hours at a time in the evening.

She has been on Kidney Support Gold for two and a half months to date, and although this is not a cure for dog kidney disease, I can vouch that it has greatly improved the life of my baby girl. She will still use her pee pad in the crate overnight, but rather than using it seven days a week before taking Kidney Support Gold, she is now only using it two to three times a week. She rarely uses the pee pad in the house while I am at work any more. She used to ask to go out every five minutes every night while we tried to watch a movie. Now she does this only two to three times a week. The rest of the week, she will often sleep straight through one of our evening movies without asking to go out. Sometimes I even have to wake her up and make her go outside.

I am just so grateful that I happened to find this product to help Kaci fight dog kidney disease. I honestly believe that my baby girl was at the end of her life, but thanks to Kidney Support Gold, I think she still has a few good months (hopefully YEARS) with us! She even seems to have gotten her spunk back. She was beginning to act very frail, and now she bosses the other pets around like she always did and even gets playful with her toys from time to time again.

It looks like I still have another couple of weeks left in the first bottle, so this bottle will have lasted three months. I’m placing an order for another bottle as soon as I send this review because I don’t want to be without it. As Kaci would say…. It’s PAWESOME!

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