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Smokey’s mom, Linda, has a big heart. Over the years, Linda has rescued four stray cats from starvation and lovingly nurtured them back to full health. The whole family lived a happy life until last September when Linda’s beloved Smokey was diagnosed with cat hyperthyroidism.

Mom had taken the nine-year old cat to the vet after she noticed a sudden change in his behaviour. “He was begging for food non stop, hunted like crazy. Once he brought four dead squirrels within 30 minutes and and ate them within a very short time,” mom says. Despite his ravenous appetite, the hungry kitty was rapidly losing weight, and when he did not hunt or eat, he appeared feverish, sweaty and uncomfortable. “He could not rest or sleep, changing his resting place every 15 minutes,” this worried lady of the lake reports.

As the caring mom of three other cats, Linda could not afford the treatment that the vet recommended to fight hyperthyroidism. She was also concerned about the kitty’s well-being. “I did not want to expose my beloved Smokey to a life of misery due to the known side effects of the drugs that he would have to take,” mom says.

She decided to try herbal treatments and came across PetWellbeing’s products. She ordered a bottle of the Thyroid Support Gold, and was blown away by the results.

After ONE day I saw a change,” says overjoyed Linda. “He stopped hunting and wolfing food down in an uncontrollable manner, seemed to be able to sleep, did not look uncomfortable and sweaty anymore,” mom says. “He enjoys life and the sunshine, he is as outgoing and social as he always used to be, maybe even more.”  The only thing, Linda reports, is that Smokey never fully regained his weight. He used to be a muscular, heavy cat, and now he is light-weighted and bony, but Linda is not too worried. “He looks healthy, his fur is lush and his eyes bright, full of love and affection,” says kitty’s mom.

Linda admits she was at first skeptical and doubted that Thyroid Support Gold would make a difference. Now she is amazed how quickly Smokey’s hyperthyroidism condition improved after starting the treatment. “He feels so comfortable and relaxed, rolling, stretching, and purring,” says happy mom. “He is my good old Smokey again.

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Thyroid Support Gold – Cat Hyperthyroidism Support

Effective natural support for feline hyperthyroidism

  • Metabolic support for normal weight, appetite and thirst
  • Addresses underlying healthy function of the thyroid gland
  • Supports a regular, smooth coat
  • Supports heart function
  • Supports normal sleep patterns

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