Cat skin feels better with Itchy Owie Ointment for Cat Paws and Skin

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In Kitchener, Ontario, a poor siamese cat had a very irritated abrasion on her back. It was crusty, red, inflamed, and the kitty had almost lost all her fur in the area. Tim, her dad, followed the vet’s instructions to wash the area with a special solution, but it did not help. The siamese cat’s dad decided to give Itchy Owie a try, and applied it to the sore area once a day for a week.

It has healed beautifully, and her fur has grown back,

Tim says.

“She also seems to find it very soothing.”

Other cat parents are finding Itchy Owie are helping their beloved kitties cope with skin problems. In Glendale, California, Rick used the ointment for his cat that was constantly licking her back to the point that her fur was gone.

After using twice daily for a week, the red sores started healing,”

Rick says.

After two weeks the fur started to grow back.”

In Melbourne Australia, a kitty had severe and itchy skin lesions. After 18 months of trying a combination of different vet-prescribed treatments, her mom switched to Itchy Owie. The ointment’s antibacterial properties killed off the infection on the kitty’s lesions, thus reducing their itchiness.

My cat did not scratch them as much and they began to heal.”

Reviews received by Tim Addict, Kitchener, Ontario, November 30, 2014; Rick, Glendale, California, August 30, 2012; Alter Ego, Melbourne, Australia, August 30, 2012

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