Obie’s amazing recovery with SPARK nutritional supplement

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 I believe Spark, Pet Wellbeing’s nutritional supplement has truly made a new cat out of Obie, and I recommend it to everyone. 

I found Obie, when I visited a rescuer to adopt a special needs kitty I had seen online, and she had many other cats looking for homes.  A smelly, older-looking black cat was very affectionate when I visited, so I decided to take him home along with the other one.  I figured I would feed him a high-quality diet, and the smell might disappear. The vet said he was probably not very old, but the stench was from his horribly inflamed teeth and gums, and that all would need to be removed.  After the dental surgery, all he had left was his four fangs! The smell eventually almost disappeared, and he continued to thrive.

I lost my husband to cancer last March, and five months to the day after he passed, I came home to find Obie curled up against the curb, apparently dead, having been hit by a car.  It was dark out, with no sign of anyone nearby.  I went to pick up his lifeless body,  and he moved. I drove immediately to the emergency hospital, about 10 minutes away.

He had a fractured wrist and pelvis, broken jaw and road rash, and was in shock.  Fortunately there was no internal bleeding.  He was stabilized, but his jaw would need to be wired together elsewhere. I was told that if I wanted to try to save him by keeping him immobile, it was possible that his pelvic fractures would heal on their own.  There was a chance that he would be incontinent if he did not regain muscle tone in his tail.  I refused to give up on him and “pull the plug,” especially after losing my husband so recently. My kids were away at camp and could not be there.  

At great personal expense, Obie spent several days in the emergency hospital, fed through an NG tube, and drugged for his severe pain. I then transferred him to his regular vet who wired his jaw, but was concerned that he would not eat, despite trying many things, including syringe feeding.

I took him home and kept him in a cage, feeding as well as I could.  Once he resumed eating on his own, I started him on Spark, in addition to higher calorie food, then  regular quality grain-free canned food.  He was able to control his bladder.  

The difference has been nothing short of amazing! Obie made a full recovery. He doesn’t smell, his wounds have totally healed, and he can run and jump and eliminate like any healthy cat. There isn’t even a limp!  

I made it a point to take him back to the emergency hospital to show the vet who had cared for him initially there. I told her that when he recovered I would do that, and she was so thrilled to see how well he was doing.

Aside from great veterinary care, my love, and patience, I believe Spark has truly made a new cat out of Obie, and I recommend it to everyone.

One serving per day provides support for:

  • Healthy bones, teeth and coat
  • Good digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Joint and muscle health
  • Immune system and normal recovery
  • Healthy hormone levels
  • Fighting free radical damage (anti-oxidant)
  • Important vitamins & minerals for growth, aging and normal cell repair
  • 1 canister lasts ~ 40 days for a cat
  • 1 canister lasts ~ 14 days for a dog

Order SPARK and give your dog or cat a lifetime of excellent health.

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