Miracle for Tux’s kidney disease

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Two years ago, Kendall bought a new water fountain for his favourite furry friend, Tux. Not too long after, Tux, a strictly indoor cat, started drinking from the fountain all the time. At first, dad did not think much of it, but when his seven-year-old beloved cat started losing weight, he got worried and took him to the vet, suspecting that Tux had kidney disease. Tux was at eight pounds, down from 15, but the vet found nothing wrong and suggested that dad watch his weight.

Tux’s losing battle with kidney disease

Three months later, the sweet kitty’s condition had severely deteriorated. While he kept drinking, he did not eat anymore, and lost even more weight. Worse, he became lethargic and was no longer playing with his other feline buddies in the house. “He wouldn’t even get excited at the laser pointer or at the lights reflected on the ceiling by passing cars, “ Kendall remembers. Tux’ dad also noticed that his companion was walking around the house crying as if he was in pain, and sitting in a hunched-up position while continuing to cry. Kendall’s mother even noticed that Tux’s fur was dull and rough.

Tux’ dad decided to take the ailing kitty to the vet again. By then he was just down to a mere six pounds. “He had this dull look in his eyes and just looked like if we had waited so much as one more day, he would have died. He was basically at death’s door,” Kendall remembers.

The vet took a blood test and found that Tux’s kidneys had shrunk and most of their function was gone. He had stage IV kidney failure. Tux’s dad was devastated.

Tux’ creatinine levels were at 9 mg/dl, and after putting him on a special diet and administering IV’s while boarded at the vet’s clinic for three days, the poor kitty improved to 5 mg/dl. “But he was still nowhere near himself,” Kendall says.

The news was hard to take. The vet gave Tux a month to live  and put him on sub-Q fluids twice a week. Given the cat’s young age, the vet speculated that he must have probably had this condition all his life. “They were not optimistic,” Kendall says.

Tux on the road to recovery

Tux’s dad was heartbroken. He came across Kidney Support Gold and was skeptical at first. Given his buddy’s dire condition, Kendall felt he had nothing to lose and ordered the product. At first, Tux did not like the new treatment, and dad had to give him the medication while either grabbing Tux and hiding the dropper or while he was sleeping.

The first thing Kendall’s kitty did after receiving Kidney Support Gold was to go eat and drink, and at first, dad thought that was because he hated the taste of the med. But throughout the day, Tux kept going and ate much more than he was previously. He also had a little more energy. “We thought “Ok, so this stuff actually works great!” Oh, how we underestimated what we thought would be “great,” Kendall says.

A month later, Tux  has made an unbelievable recovery. “Our Tux, as we call him, has made a complete, utter 180° from his previous condition,” Kendall says. “Giving 3 to 4 drops twice daily, you would never know that this cat was once dying from stage IV chronic kidney disease,” dad says. His appetite is now much better, and he is drinking normally. What really warmed dad’s heart is to see that Tux was back to being his old self. “There isn’t a trace of lethargy in him. He is back to play-fighting with our other cat, each one engaging in their slap-fests and chasing each other around the house, and back to his old trademark cry when he can’t find where she hid.”

Tux’s latest blood test showed his creatinine levels are stable at 3.4 mg/dl. “The vets at our clinic, as well as the technicians are all very surprised at his recovery. They have never seen a cat, that was otherwise all but dead, recover this drastically from stage IV chronic kidney disease,” Kendall proudly says.

Tux has also regained a lot of the weight that he had lost, back up to nine pounds. “Tux is still as active and playful as ever.”

A happy family

Kendall now is a very happy dad. It has been two years now, and he is enjoying a content life with his Tux, something he had never hoped for.

“If you have a cat that is suffering from chronic kidney disease, get this stuff. It lasts a long time. It doesn’t just work, it works absolute wonders!”


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