Kitty’s sore skin healed with Itchy Owie Ointment for cat paws and skin

Veterinarian Reviewed by Dr. Janice Huntingford, DVM on June 1, 2017
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A kitty from North Carolina was suffering badly from allergies, which caused her itchy sore skin. The poor feline couldn’t stop scratching, which caused red patches. Her mom was very concerned and tried different topical treatments to give relief to her poor furry daughter. However nothing worked so mom decided to order Itchy Owie Ointment for Cat Paws and Skin.

Mom applies the ointment twice a day, and carefully cleans the area before applying the cream with a cotton ball soaked in a sterile saline solution.

This works! It is gentle yet effective,”

reports mom.

The skin is healing and I am so glad that I ordered the ointment.”

Kitty is also feeling grateful.

“She usually runs and hides when I apply topical treatments. But she purrs when I apply this,”

says mom.

Review received by RCC Cats, North Carolina, October 7, 2009
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