Maggie wins against cat’s kidney disease

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Here’s another hopeful story for cat lovers and pet owners: a true “back to life” story of an 18-year-old cat: “My cat Maggie was diagnosed with cat’s kidney disease in 2012 and  I started taking her to the vet for fluids every three days. This got expensive but she’s my baby so I dealt with it.

Eventually the nurses at the vet’s office showed me how to administer fluids at home and I continued doing so. This helped a lot but about a year ago she started going downhill again…

 I moved her up to daily IV fluids ad searched the net for alternative medicine and found Kidney Support Gold. I took it to the vets, they checked it out and said go ahead with it. I noticed immediately she was MUCH better, had more zest for life, movement, etc.

I asked my vet how long is the longest living cat you’ve had on fluids, and they said 2 1/2 years on fluids was the Animal Hospital’s longest record. I am proud to say Maggie is getting close to the 4 1/2 year mark taking fluids, blowing away the old record, definitely due to the addition of Kidney Support Gold.

Maggie just celebrated her 18th birthday on April 1st.  I still administer about 30 ml of Kidney Support Gold twice daily, and I know that it has bought us this extra time! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”

Supports normal and stable kidney function

Helps maintain:

  • Energy levels
  • Urination and thirst (hydration)
  • Appetite and weight
  • General vitality
  • Immune support

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  • 1 bottle = 2oz (59ml) a 4 month supply for most cats
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Supports normal and stable kidney function. Helps maintain appetite and weight, urination and thirst, as well as immune support.

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