Tanner recovers from kidney disease

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Robin has worked in an animal shelter for the last 15 years in Illinois, and she has seen it all. She recently took Tanner home, a spaniel who had been diagnosed with kidney disease. The dog had been on fluids, I.V.s, and every medication that was available, with no results. “I took him home to die in a peaceful surrounding instead of the chaos of the shelter,” Robin says. She tried to entice Tanner to eat and offered him steak, liver sausage, chicken, and rice, but nothing worked and the spaniel did not eat anything. He was dying.

Robin did not give up. She went online and looked up “kidney disease” on her computer. One of the first websites that appeared was Pet Wellbeing. She read the Kidney Support Gold product information, but was skeptical at first. Robin did her due diligence and read all the reviews. “It sounded too good to be true,” she says. “Looking at this sweet creature, I decided to give it a try.”

When the product arrived at her home, Tanner was going downhill. Nevertheless, Robin gave him the treatment, still believing that it would not work. Within two days, she started noticing dramatic changes. First Tanner expressed interest in a hot dog, and then chicken. Every day Tanner’s kidney disease improved and within four weeks he had gained five pounds. He now plays with the other dogs and cats that live at Robin’s home, and he constantly wags his tail. “ I am beyond thrilled! I am loving every moment Tanner and I have together.аккаунт гугл продвижениекупить телефон флай

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