Sammy wins battle over kidney disease

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Sammy is Sue’s love of her life. So when Sammy started not being himself, Sue got really worried. The 10-year old papillon poodle was often sick, vomiting and having diarrhea, and was no longer the happy dog that Sue had fallen in love with. Sue suspected Sammy had kidney disease

Sue took Sammy to the vet who instantly knew something was wrong. The blood test results  came as a death sentence. Sammy was close to kidney failure and had only a few months to live. “I thought no way, this is my little big man, the only man in my life, my love, my child,” Sue says. The thought of a life without Sammy in her home town of Cedar City, Utah was unbearable. 

The vet gave Sammy medication and special food, but the dog would not take the pill and threw it up. He also did not enjoy the new diet.  So Sue got to work and started searching kidney failure in little dogs, and she learned a lot.  She came across a gold mine of information when she discovered and Kidney Support Gold.  She carefully read all reviews from other dogs’ parents and did her homework. “Being cautions and wanting only the best for little Sammy, I researched every medication I could find,” she says. As she pursued her online investigations, Kidney Support Gold stood out, and she ordered the product.

It only took ten days for Sammy to bounce back once he was on Kidney Support Gold. Sue returned the special dog food  to the vet and let Sammy eat the dry food that he loved so much. The Kidney Support Gold drops were easy to mix in the treats, and Sammy did not even take notice.

The real victory came when Sue took Sammy back to the vet a month later. “The vet was amazed at his blood results and advised me to keep doing what I was doing,” Sue remembers. Sammy had another check-up six months later and was completely back to normal. It has now been seven months since Sammy is on Kidney Support Gold, and Sue’s little big man is showing no signs of kidney issues.

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