Meet Scruffy Pearl, canine heart disease survivor, is feeling “Young at Heart” again!

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Laura rescued the 12-year old from Louisiana, and took her home, in Marin County, California. Scruffy Pearl, my senior dog and companion, has now seen it all… She has survived Hurricane Katrina only to be faced with canine heart disease!

When Scruffy Pearl started developing a heart condition, Laura could just not bring herself to take the harmful medications that the vet recommended. Instead she decided to give Young at Heart which she new was gentle but effective herbal drops, from Pet Wellbeing, to her four-legged survivor.

In less than a week she saw the difference. “She is changing her tail, running with her pack, and does not pant hard or sleep all day any longer,” Laura says. This sweet lady’s appetite for life is back, and what surprised her mom the most is Scruffy Pearl’s newly found voice.

“She has never been a talking or barking dog,” mom says. “Now she voices her needs on a regular basis!” Review received from DogMa, Marin County, September 24, 2015

Heart Disease in pets:

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Young at Heart

Effective support for cats and dogs heart
This gentle, natural supplement supports:
  • Healthy and normal heart function
  • Heart muscle & heart rhythm
  • Healthy blood pressure
  • Good circulation

Order Young at Heart today and help your dog’s cardiovascular system stay healthy.

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