SPARK gives Flip new legs

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Flip had a rough start in her life. Born with a rear leg deformity, the three-year-old cat could not use her back leg, and her paw was flipped outward. Yet, the sweet Flip was managing to hop around the house, and lived a happy life with her mom, a long-time cat lover in Suffolk, Virginia. One day Flip’s mom received a free Spark sample in the mail and added it to Flip’s diet. Flip loved the taste, and mom had to give Spark two thumbs up when she saw the results.

In no time, Flip started to use her back leg a lot more, rather than constantly hoping. “She is even jumping now,” says Flip’s mom. “My pet sitter commented on how much she uses her leg now, and that made me so happy to see that she noticed.”

If Spark definitely gave Flip a leg up, the treatment helped all feline members in the family. Flip’s mom could not believe the boost Spark gave to two of her older cats who suddenly felt rejuvenated, showed increased energy, and became more playful. “It has helped them perk up in their daily activities,” mom says. Even her teenage, high energy cat felt the boost. “I can tell it has given her even more energy,” mom says.

Even the frailest member of the cat family, a five-year-old who had always been struggling with chronic respiratory issues, started feeling more alive. “I am convinced that this has made a difference in all my cats’ lives and I will continue to use it religiously throughout their lives,” this happy mom says.

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