SPARK gives a Ella new sparkle

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Ella could not see or hear very well, and she was not feeling good. Her bones were creaky, and she just did not have the energy to be a dog any more. After all she was a 14-year old lab, and aging was taking its toll. Doug felt sad that Ella did not want to go out on the long walks they used to take in the countryside together in Vancouver, British Columbia. He wanted his best companion back! Ella’s dad came across Spark, and gave it a try.

After a month, Doug was surprised by what he saw. “She become a much more energetic and happy old dog,” he says. Ella is now more responsive and shows more interest in going out for walks, which makes Doug so happy. Her cloudy, milky eyes have also cleared up.

Other lab lovers have noticed changes in the dogs’ lives since they have added the supplement to their diet. For example, the mom of an adorable 12-year old chocolate lab, also located in Vancouver, started noticing a marked improvement in the dog’s mobility, energy, and social behaviour. “We got our old dog back,” she says “He is cuddly and affectionate again.”

In Ontario, an 11-year old lab faced a myriad of health issues, particularly with digestion which often kept her from eating for several days. “There were a few times we thought we were going to lose her,” says his dad Ross. Spark helped the dog with digestion, and at her last check-up visit, the vet commented on her youthful appearance and the brightness of her eyes.

Across Canada and the United States, Spark is restoring older dogs and cats’ energy and drive to play. The supplement is also helping pets of all ages cope with serious health conditions such as kidney disease and cancer, increasing their appetite, energy, and building up their strength. For example, in Naples, Florida, a 15-year old cat was diagnosed with a bladder infection and possible kidney failure. Her mom could not afford blood tests and decided to take a chance on an alternative treatment such as Spark. Since then the cat has regained weight, giving new hope to her mom. “She is back to being the boss,” she says.

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