Adrenal Harmony for Cushing’s Disease

on March 25, 2015
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Dr. Jan,
I recently spoke with Tyler in customer service.  He was very helpful but I would like inquire about your Adrenal Harmony.  I have a 15 yr old female dachshund that has been recently diagnosed with Cushing’s disease.

About 1 year ago, she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and elevated levels of liver and kidney.   I wanted to try more natural approach and my vet approved of this at that time.  I have had her on Pet WellBeing’s Young at Heart, Milk Thistle, and Kidney Support formulas:  .25 ml/ 2x a day.   I believe it has been helping so thank you.  She has also been on an Omega 3 supplement and a Rx for her thyroid. .1 mg of Thyrosyn.

My vet I had previously moved so I am now with another one in same office.   Unfortunately, I do not have access to any holistic-type vets in this area so I am afraid of giving Daphne too many supplements without guidance.  The current vet prescribed Daphne Vetoryl/Trilostane for Cushings and after 1 dose she started vomiting the next day.     I have struggled with trying the next medication, Anipryl or just sticking to strictly Pet Wellbeing supplements.

Daphne’s most notable symptoms appear to be more neurological which is why my vet thinks it is more pituitary tumor.  Her symptoms that have increased are circling/restlessness, confusion, excessive hunger, hind-leg weakness and shivering.  I did start her on Adrenal Harmony Gold 1x a day at .25 on Dec 6th.   Finally, I just need guidance on the Pet Wellbeing doses.   Do I keep her on all of the formulas?   When should I increase her Adrenal Harmony to 2x a day?   Can the Adrenal Harmony help her with the symptoms I listed above?  Do you have any other suggestions?

Thank you in advance,


Hi Marla

This certainly is a complicated case. It is unfortunate you do not have a holistic vet near you to help you manage it. I generally do not recommend more than 3 formulae at the same time but I think your dog may need them. I would give her Adrenal Harmony but only once daily-I would not use Trilostane. I think the 0.25ml dose would be appropriate. Please let me know how she does.

Dr Jan

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