Allergic Dermatitis in Cats and Dogs

on February 2, 2012
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Skin problems are very common in cats and dogs. One of the most common skin issues is allergic dermatitis. Allergies that affect the skin are called allergic dermatitis. Pets are subject to the same environmental allergens as people. Pets suffer allergies to food, plants, pollen, environmental substances, and external parasites ( such as fleas , ticks and mites).

Most cats and dogs with allergic reactions have skin irritation. That irritation can be seen as itchy skin and feet, scabs and bumps on the skin, foul odor, darkened or thickened skin, hair loss, frequent head shaking and fur staining from licking.

If your pet is shaking his head and scratching a lot , it is time to visit your veterinarian. He or she will want to try and determine the source of the allergy and if there are any other causes of itchiness. Your veterinarian will check for yeast, fungus, ringworm, parasites, bacterial infections, and possibly food allergy.

Food allergies are very common in dogs and cats and can affect pets of any age. These poor pets are allergic to foods they have been eating, or ingredients in the food. This type of allergy is easily treated as long as you determine what the pet is allergic to! This could take months to determine!

Environmental allergies are also very common. Cats and dogs may develop allergies when they inhale or come into contact with foreign substances, such as house-dust mites; pollen from trees, grasses, and weeds; and a variety of molds. While allergies often give people runny noses, they usually make pets itchy.Your pet may benefit from cool baths, sprays and conditioners. If the itchiness is not too bad then your vet may recommend anti-histamines or antibiotics or even prednisone!

Holistic veterinarians are happy to help you with your pet’s allergies. They often use acupuncture, food therapy, herbs or homeopathy to keep allergies at bay. The foundation of all holistic treatment is diet. A good home prepared diet that is properly balanced is very important for your pet. Make sure your pet likes his or her food!

Herbal therapy and acupuncture can have great success in treating these conditions, along with other therapies. Pet wellbeing has a number of good supplements. One is Nettle-EyeBright for Cats and Dogs.

Allergies are very prevalent in animals today. Be sure to contact your vet if you are having difficulties with allergies in your dogs and cats.в чемvsemsmart

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