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Dog Lymphoma

on March 25, 2015
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Good afternoon! I was just on the website and posted a question and was advised to contact you. I have a 14 year female bichon with lymphoma – enlarged nodes all over. Her blood work came back all normal except for high liver enzymes. She currently is eating well and her activity is good. She had Evan’s syndrome 2 years ago and is on Prednizone. She has a heart murmur for several years. I feed her as much natural food as possible – no processed. I have also taken her to a hololistic vet who provided herbs and acupuncture. Her regular vet suggests chemo (dorobixin?) every three weeks with prednisone. I am just not sure about the chemo….. What would you suggest considering her age and her liver condition.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!! I am seeking as much information as I can for my dear girl!
Ann S.


Hi Ann
Given her age I would not do chemo if it were my dog..I would support with herbs and acupuncture, because the chemo will make her sick and it does not cure the condition only put it into remission for a short period of depends how you want her end of life time to be..I would follow the advice of your holistic vet.

Best to you,
Dr JanПродвижение информационных порталов и интернет-СМИdisappearing lake

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