Holiday Foods you can Feed your pet

on November 15, 2011
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Pets love holidays and holiday foods just as much as we do. Some foods can cause tummy upsets but here are some that are sure to please and most ( not all) pets can enjoy at least a few of them. If your pet has severe food allergies don’t try them but otherwise a few treats are nice for everyone.

Turkey or other lean meats– a small amount is good for your pets and contains tryptophan to promote sleep.

Sweet potatoes–are great all year for dogs particularly and provide fiber and are tummy soother.

Canned pumpkin with out the sugar can be a good substitute for pumpkin pie for your pet.

Organ meats such as giblets– your pet will love these so don’t throw them out.

Green veggies–raw or cooked–just avoid heavy sauces.

Beets–cooked but not picked are great for dogs–but beware the juice which will stain

Turkey soup without the bones–makes a nice top dressing for pet food

Cranberries–are an acquired taste but are great for urinary tract health, if your pet likes them.

Ginger containing cookies and gingerbread–ginger is great for dogs who get car sick and can help with nausea for pets and people. Limit the cookies that are made for people though as they contain sugar which is not great in large quantities but it is after all a holiday so everyone deserves a treat.

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