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Mitral Valve Insufficiency

on March 25, 2015
Posted in Cats


Good Morning, Dr Jan:
I have a dog , 8 years old, just Diagnosticated with a Mytral valve insufficiency, and now he is taken 2 medicines: Furosemida and Nebibolol (but he is not doing well with them) , and he has a lot of cough an his breathing is heavy. Can I give to him Young at Heart for Dog Disease? And should I stop those medicines , while I am giving to him your drops?

Thanks for answer me, because I want to know if I need to buy your drops soon.


Hi Adriana,
Sorry to hear your dog is not well. The Young at Heart would be fine with Furosemide but I am not familiar with the other medication you mentioned–does it have another name? I you could let me know I would be able to assist you.Young at Heart was formulated for congestive heart failure and I have had good clinical success with it.

Best to you,
Dr Janсигнализаторы поклевки купитьмеланет опасно

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