Supplement to Balance a Raw Diet

on March 25, 2015
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Is SPARK used to balance a raw homemade diet?


Thank you for your inquiry regarding Spark. Spark was not created to balance a homemade diet, raw or otherwise. Homemade diets and raw diets can be excellent for your dog but they need to be properly balanced. Spark does not contain the ratio of calcimin and phosphorus needed to balance a diet. It does contain some vitamins and nutrients. I would suggest you contact a Veterinary Nutritionist to help you with balancing your dog’s diet. Not all nutritionists agree with raw feeding however Dr Joseph Wakshlag at the Cornell University Small Animal Hospital can balance a raw diet for you as can Dr Justin Shmalberg at the University of Florida. You should contact either of these individuals directly.

Improperly balanced raw diets can result in bone, kidney, skin and heart problems in your pet so please contact the nutritionist for the health of your pet.

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