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on January 20, 2010
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I’ve yapped about this before, but my Dog my human is a Mistress Manipulator of my moods! When I’m wound up, she calms me down, when I’m lazy she knows how to energize me. Notonly that, she knows how to keep me flea and tick-free. What’s her secret? Something called aromatherapy!

See, just like our humans, we pets are affected by scent. Deeply affected.
What Is Aromatherapy?
Aromatherapy is the healing use of botanicals, in their essential oil form. When the molecules are sniffed, they instantly become part of our body’s central nervous system. Not only that, topically they can kill bacteria and viruses – on surfaces and in the air. Bugs can’t survive in the presence of some oils, and other oils can help heal wounds when they are put onto the skin.
Aromatherapy comes in many forms: incense, potpourri, diffusers and room sprays, which work to release the scent molecules into the air; and perfumed personal care products, which enter the body through the nostrils or the skin.
My human uses perfumed sprays for my fur, which I inhale all day long. They help calm me, and keep me from barking incessantly. She also lights her aromatherapy burner sometimes, like when I hurt myself and I need to calm down.
Aromatherapy For Pets
My human uses essential oils alot, to keep our home bug-free and me happy. Try these easy at-home tips:
Tip #1: Fleas hate tea-tree oil! Add 20 – 30 drops of tea-tree oil to your pet shampoo. Massage all throughout your pet, and try to leave on for at least 5 minutes. Tea-tree oil is really strong smelling, and has a cooling, mentholating effect – just watch our eyes! Stingy!
Tip #2: Cedarwood is Anti-Buggy! A few drops of cedarwood oil, blended with a little cayenne pepper powder, will keep bugs from nesting. My human blends in a spray bottle, and sprays the door frames, corners, and window frames at least once per month.
Tip #3: Natural Flea-Collar! Purchase a nylon or cotton collar, and soak it in a mixture of 10 drops lavender and 10 drops eucalyptus oil, blended with water. Don’t wash it, just let it dry. Then let your pet wear it! It will work as long as you can smell the oils – replace when you can’t smell anymore. Your pet will be flea-free!
Tip #4: Ticks Don’t Do Cloves! Mix a blend of cloves and cinnamon in a spray bottle of water: 20 – 30 drops. Spray your feline or canine before heading into the woods – we won’t bring any ticks home with us!
Tip #5: Soothe Itchy Scratchy. I wounded myself last month, and my human applied lavender oil straight from the bottle to my wound. It was a little burny, but helped get rid of the sting almost right away. She said it killed the bacteria, helped my skin restore, and calmed my nervous system. It helped that she burned lavender in her aromatherapy burner, too!
I know we pets love to roll around in some dog-awful smelly stuff. But I really don’t mind smelling sweet – when my human takes the time to help me stay clean and clear! I know you won’t too, fuzzy pals.
Herbaliciously yours, Buster
Photo Credit: ellievanhoutte
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