Sassy overcomes cat kidney disease

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A heart-warming customer story, especially if your pet is also going through urinary tract infection and cat kidney disease.

Our Sassy was one of five kittens born in our bedroom over 16 years ago, an unexpected and delightful addition to our family.  All but Sassy and her brother Tiger were placed with other willing “parents” and when Tiger met an untimely death due to a raccoon that took him down, it was just our Sassy that kept her place in our home and hearts for the years to come.  

It was in November 2014 that we began to notice a decline in Sassy’s otherwise healthy demeanour, and when she came down with a urinary tract infection, it seemed like her time was limited in terms of her health and well-being.

After numerous and expensive tests we were told that her kidney disease condition would require special prescription food for the rest of her life.  

Before long Sassy refused to eat and was literally wasting away.  Believing that her condition was irreversible, we simply accepted the fact that her life was coming to an end.

It was at that point that I went on the internet and found Pet WellBeing. I can still remember the incredible relief that I felt the day that I called and spoke with one of their counsellors.

 After describing her condition I was encouraged to put her on several supplements that would support her kidneys and bladder, as well as taking her off the prescription cat food and replacing that with an all-organic formula. I was even given a special recipe for cat food that I could make from natural ingredients.  At last I felt that there was some hope!

Within just a few weeks the difference in her health and well-being was amazing!  Sassy was eating again and gaining back some of the weight that she had lost.  

Fast forward to March of 2016.  Never would I have thought almost two years ago that our girl would be as “Sassy,” as her name implies, and acting just like she did when she was a kitten so many years ago.  It’s true, we have needed to add “Old Friend” to her health plan, because like all of us as years go by, our joints need extra help in keeping us spry!  

We are so thankful to Pet WellBeing for the amazing service and solutions that they provide in helping us keep our beloved pet happy and healthy!  

We have since referred many of our friends to Pet WellBeing, and will continue to do so, since we know from experience that they will always lead you in the best direction when it comes to your pet’s health!”  

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