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PAWsome provides compassionate support for pet owners and their beloved pets when times are toughest. Our pets are a part of the family and nothing is as difficult as when they fall ill or injured. As loving pet parents, our PAWsome family network offers a space to share, heal, and grow.

In order to make a difference in the lives of our pet customers and their owners, our support group champions:

Empowerment through access to unbiased pet health information from trustworthy veterinary sources

Support through shared personal experiences, resources, and encouragement

Community through a common network dedicated to helping you find healing solutions and results

Empathy through a genuine motivation of love, understanding, and hope during the hardest situations

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When you accumulate 5,000 points
you will receive:
- 1.5x points on all activities
- A $100 donation to the animal charity of your choosing
- Exclusive Content
- The chance to be featured in our community

Terms & Conditions

Points not given for shipping cost and are not redeemable on shipping costs. Pet Wellbeing Rewards Program is only available to individuals. Wellbeing Rewards will not be available to corporations, businesses, charities, partnerships, enterprises or anyone other than an individual, unless written approval is received in advance from Pet Wellbeing, in its sole discretion. Wellbeing Rewards Points will not be awarded if in Natural Wellbeing's reasonable opinion the merchandise purchased will be used for resale or commercial use and any Wellbeing Rewards awarded on such purchases will be forfeited. Pet Wellbeing reserves the right to limit Wellbeing Reward Points awarded with respect to any offer or promotion to reasonable household quantities. If Program Member was awarded points for an offer or promotion in which a Member purchased product in excess of reasonable household quantities, the Wellbeing Rewards points awarded as a result of that offer or promotion may be forfeited without prior notice. Please feel free to email customerservice@petwellbeing.com if you have any questions or require more information.